St. Paul United Methodist Church
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St. Paul UMC Phone:
600 Main St. S.
New Ellenton, SC 29809

Worship Services on
Sunday at 10:30 am
in the Sanctuary

Sunday School
9:30 am
( All Ages )
1st and 2nd Floors
Education Wing

Sunday Assembly
9:00 am
in the Fellowship Hall

Nursery Available

What to Expect at St. Paul UMC

St. Paul UMC New Ellenton, SC
Where is St. Paul UMC located? How do I get there?

St. Paul UMC is located in New Ellenton, South Carolina.
The address is 600 Main Street South, New Ellenton, SC 29809

from Aiken:
6 Miles South of Aiken, SC on Highway 19 ( Main Street in New Ellenton )

from Hwy. 278
2 Miles North of the intersection of Hwy. 19 and Hwy. 278.

When are the worship services at St. Paul UMC?

St. Paul offers a traditional Worship Service every Sunday at 10:30 am
in our Sanctuary.
( 2nd Floor of our Main Building, and Yes: it is Handicap Accessible )

Our worship service usually lasts about 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes.
Starts at 10:30 am through around 11:35 am.

It is an encouraging and engaging worship service, incorporating scripture reading and lessons, hymns, a pastoral sermon, choral music, with special guest musicians and speakers.
Our focus in worship is to honor and glorify God.


What should I wear to Worship?

People will commonly dress 'Sunday Casual / Business Casual clothing'
 to some 'Church / Business Dress clothing' at our Sunday Worship Service.

We only ask that you present yourself in a respectful manner, where your
Attire genuinely reflects a God-honoring attitude towards worship.


Where do I park?

Parking is available on All sides of our Main Building,
which holds our Sanctuary and Education Areas.
We have Handicap Accessible doors and parking places,
and we have an Assist Elevator / Lift to reach our 2nd Floor Sanctuary.
( an Outdoor Enclosed Elevator Lift, on the Church Street side
   of our Main Building. )


May I take Communion?

Yes, All are Welcome to take Holy Communion at St. Paul UMC.
The table is open to anyone who seeks to respond to Christ's love and seeks
 to lead a new life of peace and love. Children are allowed and encouraged to participate in communion with their parentís assistance and guidance.

Holy Communion is observed on the first Sunday of each month during
our 10:30 AM worship service.

What is available for my kids?

Children and youth are integral to the St. Paul community, and we seek to provide a caring Christian atmosphere for all children and youth.

We provide Sunday School Classes at 9:30 am for All Age groups, and provide many activities and programs throughout the year for children and youth.

We offer a Children's Choir (See Below) and a many opportunities for youth to participate in Christian worship and service.

We work toward educating and encouraging children and youth to grow in their Christian faith and understanding.

Also Know:
St. Paul UMC follows and adheres to the United Methodist Church's policy and procedures on the protection of children, youth, and vulnerable adults called
'Safe Sanctuary'.
All Staff and All Sunday School teachers have completed a certification program and checking system, that works to ensure safety and security for all our members and guests.

Is there a Kids Choir ? Children's Musical?
We have a Children's Choir, we call it the M & M Choir.
(The Melody Makers Choir )
Open to Children 5 Yrs. and Up.
This is a great opportunity for children to serve in worship, enjoy fun
and fellowship, and learn Christian songs and music.

The M & M Choir sings songs in Sunday Worship Services, presents
a Christmas Musical and hosts various events throughout the year.
Contact the Church Office for Meeting / Practice Times and Information.

Does St. Paul offer a Nursery on Sunday?

A Nursery and a Toddler room is available during Sunday School and Worship Service time. A Nursery is available starting at 9:30 am - through the end of our Worship Service at 11:30 am
Our Nursery has a TV monitor displaying the Worship Service at 10:30 am, so that parents wishing to remain in the nursery area can see and hear the service.

How can I find a Sunday School class?

We will help.
St. Paul offers Sunday School classes for All Ages.
All Classes are held in our Main Building, which holds our Education Wings.

Classes are available for Children, Youth, Adults, and Senior Adults.
We also offer discussion groups and special Bible Study classes that focus on different subjects and themes throughout the year.
If you visit we will happily assist you in finding a class for you to participate in.

A Nursery & a Toddler Room are available during Sunday School &
Worship time. The Nursery is available starting at 9:30 am -
through the End of our Worship Service at 11:30 am

Classes for Children are held on the 1st Floor of the Education Wing.
Youth and Adult Classes are held on the 2nd Floor of the Education Wing.

Do you have fellowship time / morning time on Sunday's? Coffee?

Yes. We call it, Sunday Assembly.

Sunday Assembly:
We gather and have fellowship time each Sunday morning
with coffee and juice, and breakfast snacks.
Held in our Fellowship Hall ( 1st Floor )

Starts at 9:00 am and goes to 9:25 am.
It is before Sunday School hour begins at 9:30 am.

There are several building on the St. Paul UMC church property, What are they?

We have 4 major property features at our location:

1) Our Main Building holds all of our Worship Services & Sunday Classes.
     It is a two story brick building, facing Hwy 19 ( Main Street )

     It holds our Sanctuary for Worship on the 2nd Floor,
     Education wings for Sunday School ( on 1st and 2nd Floors )
     Fellowship Hall for Sunday Assembly ( 1st Floor ).
     Our Church Office and Pastor's Office ( 2nd Floor )

2) Our Church Parsonage is on our church property.
     Across Church Street from the Main Building, facing Hwy. 19.

3) The St. Paul UMC Family Life Center offers a beautiful setting for events,
     banquets, special services, concerts, community events,
     & special worship services.
     (it faces Church Street, and toward the Cemetery )

4) The St. Paul UMC Cemetery is directly behind our Main Building.
     At the center of our cemetery is a beautiful stone Cross.

What are the St. Paul UMC Church Office Hours?

Our Church Office is Open:
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
from 8:30 am - 12:00 Noon.

Church phone: 803-652-2547

Where can I find more information about St. Paul UMC?

Come See Us, Meet Us, Join Us for Worship or an Event
All Service Welcome Guests and Visitors

Review our website: